Thursday, April 9, 2009


Chris Carpenter "nailed it" today. He is truly a "stud". He is as awesome as a "stripper" wait what??

Hey Lower Haight Freaxxx, wanna trade Carpy for Andy LaRoche????

Andy LaRoche...

Please, my friend. Andy... I rooted for you as a Dodger. I will root for you as a Pirate. You are my starting 3B. Please don't suck horribly, ok???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



General Smoltz

Word has it that General Smoltz, aka Ol' Ironsides, dismissed offers of anesthesia during his various shoulder injuries and instead used a pint of whiskey and a wooden spoon. This may explain why Smoltz cannot be slowed by conventional physical ailments...


Emilio Bonifacio, star of the Culver City Centaurs (my team, BOOYA!!!) is on pace to becoming a HUGE STAR. Not unlike Emilio Estevez back in the day! Let's just hope that Bonifacio doesn't turn into Emilio Estevez of Mighty Ducks 3 and instead keeps the pace of awesomeness that the Brat Pack/Repo Man era Estevez held....

The Dredator

Get ready for The Dredator! He only puts his red beanie on when he gets particularly angry. You'll notice that this is the "Damaged Version." That's because I'm predicting lackluster playtime from this extraterrestrial slacker.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

there is very little "sense" in this draft day pick up....

BOOYA! KERRY GETS IT AGAIN! Eric Byrne should wear that overly large suit as he sits in on "MLB Tonight" on the MLB channel, because unlike his brother, David, he's got nothin' left!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Guy Doesn't Just "Talk" Smack...

I am taking this moment to remind everyone just how "emo" Tim Lincecum is. Check out that scarf! Kerry deserves plenty of smack for drafting him. Now everyone laugh!


BOOYA! Welcome to the DHs Are For Fat People group blog! This is the place to go for updates on the league, general smack talk, random baseball gossip, and most of all, awesome photoshopped images like the one above.

All members of the league and invited and encouraged to participate, so please, let me know your blogger name/email and I'll set you up!


amerthsiro = anthony

(tony, positional scarcity, champion, etc)